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Return Policy - HappyEars Global

No matter the product purchased, the shipping cost from our “Global” site, www.happyearsearplugs.com/global is not refundable. 

Discovery Packs – Our Discovery Pack money back guarantee is only offered for one Discovery Pack per customer.  For example, if you purchase one Original Discovery Pack and one OP Discovery Pack you will only receive a refund for the Original Discovery Pack (the lower priced of the two). Of course you can return any unopened Discovery Pack for a full refund at any time.

Happy Ears Original and Ocean Plastics Discovery Packs: 

In an effort to rid the world of wasteful single use earplugs we’ve created our Discovery Packs to include a money back guarantee. This offering is simple – If none of the sizes fit or work for you, simply mail us at info@happyears.co (co not com) and we’ll refund your purchase. We do not offer partial refunds. If you email us please reference the country you ordered from as it will cut communication time in half.

Happy Ears Recycled Discovery Packs: 

The money back guarantee for our Recycled Discovery Pack is identical to our Original and Ocean Plastic Discovery packs, except there is an 6 euro processing fee for each returned package.

Happy Ears Single Size Packages – Original, Ocean Plastics & Recycled:

Single size packages of Happy Ears are not eligible for the same money back guarantee as our Discovery Packs. We do not refund single size packages of Happy Ears.  Once an earplug is inserted into an ear, health and safety regulations dictate the product cannot be resold and is therefor useless.  You can, however, return any unopened single size package of Happy Ears for a full refund.  If you are a first time customer and do not know your size please start with one of our Discovery Packs, which are discounted three for the price of two with free shipping and a money back guarantee.

Happy Ears Color Packs:

Happy Ears Color packages are refundable, however, there is an 6 euro  processing fee for each package returned. This fee is necessary to cover the “free” shipping offered at purchase and the cost of processing returns.  If you’re a first time customer and not aware of your size please start with one of our Discovery Packs, which offer a full money back guarantee. Happy Ears Color packs are best suited to existing Happy Ears customers.

Happy Ears does not provide return postage with its orders:

When returning any unopened package of Happy Ears please include your name and email inside of the package clearly legible and mail to:

Happy Ears AB
Stora Varvsgatan 6A
211 19 Malmö

As soon as we receive your return, we will process your refund request.  Refunds will be processed back to the original payment method when you placed your order.

Thinking of making a purchase, but still have questions? Please send us a quick mail to info@happyears.co (co not com) and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.  We’d love the opportunity to get you properly fitted with Happy Ears!