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Recycled Large 2-pack

Happy Ears Recycled Large Happyears

Introducing Happy Ears Recycled; The first eco-friendly earplug made of 100% recycled plastics. A big deal when you know more than 1Bil single use earplugs are thrown away ever year. Same great Happy Ears earplugs, but now eco-friendly, all black (won't discolor) with compostable/recyclable packaging. Offered in sets of two only as we know most customers replace each pair of Happy Ears once during the year. Why ship twice when we can ship once?

The single size Recycled Happy Ears are for existing customers who know their size. This product is NOT refundable. We don't want to waste this eco-friendly product. If you're new to Happy Ears, we encourage you start with our Discovery Pack to find the perfect size for your ears.

Comfortable: Offered in a size to fit your ears
Reusable: When used daily each pair lasts many months!
Easy maintenance: Clean with soap and warm water
CE Certified

Attenuation (reduction in volume):
SNR: 25 dB
High: 26 dB
Medium: 23 dB
Low: 22 dB

All orders shipped via FedEx from Malmo, Sweden.
This product is NOT refundable.