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Silence Please

Words: Alyssa Giacobe
Photography: Muokkaa Studio

The world has gotten louder. Scientists say the level of human generated “background buzz” has been climbing steadily putting millions at risk of long-term hear loss.

Beware of Loud Noises:

Sound is measured in units called decibels (dB). Any sound over 85 dB – think fireworks, packed stadiums a roaring restaurant – can damage small hairs in the ear that carry sounds to your brain. This damage, even over short durations, can lead to permanent hearing loss. At 115-120 dB, permanent hearing loss can happen within just minutes. To protect yourself, the first thing to do is to limit your exposure to loud sounds. If you’re in a place where have to shout in order to be heard, protect your ears with Happy Ears Earplugs.

Happy Ears are a comfortable and effective reusable earplug made in three sizes. What’s great is that, unlike a yellow foam earplug, Happy Ears are discreet and can hardly be noticed. Each pair comes with a perfect little case too. We recommend starting with a Happy Ears Discovery Pack, which includes all three sizes so you can find the earplug that fits and works best. Each Discovery Pack comes with a money back guarantee, so their really is no reason not to try.

The world is getting louder – If you’re sensitive to noise protect your ears with Happy Ears earplugs.


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