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Earplugs for Flying

Flying soon? You may need a pair of “airplane earplugs”. For some, earplugs for flying can be a necessity. Fortunately for travelers Happy Ears has a solution. If Happy Ears fit your ears they will seal to the base of your ear canal and alleviate air pressure when flying ✈. Unlike traditional airplane earplugs Happy Ears give you the added benefit of a comfortable and discreet earplug to use when you arrive at your final destination. Perfect for cruise ships, train travel, when sleeping in that noisy hotel and/or for live events.

Designed and made in Sweden, since 2010, Happy Ears has helped travelers protect their ears for millions of miles. Happy Ears are offered in three sizes with a unique oval shape and short soft stem. Comfortable, reusable and extremely durable…You’ll use a single pair of Happy Ears for hundreds of flights. Keep the earplugs stored in their case, when not traveling, and they will last a few years.

Start with one of our Discovery Packs and we guarantee you’ll arrive in good shape at your final destination. For maximum sound reduction during flight, try our new Happy Ears Ocean Plastics, which have have a CE Certified sound reduction rating of 27 dB. This compares to 25 dB for our Original/Color and Recycled Happy Ears. Happy travels from Happy Ears!

See why Happy Ears were included in Nat Geo’s Travel Kit as “The Best Earplugs for Travel”…

National Geographic Travel Kit 2022
National Geographic Travel Kit 2022

Happy travels with Happy Ears!