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"Best Earplugs for Concerts" 2024

"Best Earplugs for Concerts" 2024

"Best Earplugs for Concerts" 2024

"Best Earplugs for Concerts" 2024

Earplugs for Concerts

No hi-fi hype, if Happy Ears fit your ears there are no better concert earplugs . The reason is simple: Happy Ears have been CE certified to reduce volume with the most even attenuation of any non-custom made earplug. The more even the attenuation the more natural the sound that enters your ear. If you love music, and you know this, why would you use any other earplug for concerts?
Happy Ears are made in Sweden and have been setting the standard for innovation and quality since 2010. Since this time we’ve been proud partners of some of the world’s largest music festivals including SXSW, Lollapalooza, Reeperbahn, Way Out West and many more.

What makes Happy Ears the best earplugs for concerts?

⚫ Most even attenuation of any non-custom made earplug = Best acoustics🤘.
⚫ CE Certified SNR of 25 dB.
⚫ No sound killing foam.
⚫ No gimmicky volume controls.
⚫ Made in Sweden quality ensures you can use a single pair for hundreds of shows.
⚫ Less waste – Compostable packaging.
⚫ Can use for concerts and sleep – Great music festival earplugs!
⚫ Case included.

Recycled Discovery Pack

Recycled Discovery Pack Happyears

Our Earplugs:
Happy Ears Recycled were originally launched in 2020 as the first eco-friendly earplug. The added benefit of Happy Ears Recycled is these all black earplugs will not discolor. This increased durability further reduces waste and enhances sustainability.Offered in sizes small, medium and large, Happy Ears have a unique oval shape and short soft stem designed to replicate the inner ear canal to ensure comfort for all. Happy Ears Recycled, like our original, are CE Certified to reduce volume 25 dB making them highly effective. The earplugs are washable making them easy to maintain and are extremely durable. Most use a single pair (daily) for many months. Use occasionally, and keep stored when not in use, and your Happy Ears will last many years.
Our Packaging:
Happy Ears new eco-friendly packaging is made of a heat sealed paper with water based inks making it recyclable, compostable and biodegradable – Another first for the earplug industry!
Our Money Back Guarantee:
Earplugs are not a one size fits all product and the size of one’s ear canal has nothing to do with height, weight or gender. In an effort to help you find the perfect earplug we’ve created the Happy Ears “Discovery Pack” – A starter kit including our small, medium and large size earplugs offered at a discounted price with free shipping and a money back guarantee.

Other companies have created different earplugs to convince you one is needed for sleep and another for concerts or swimming. Happy Ears has implemented simple Scandinavian design to create a single earplug for whatever your needs…
Since 2010, Happy Ears has helped more than 1mil customers sleep better. Designed and made in Sweden, Happy Ears are the most recognized reusable earplugs for sleeping. The reason – Happy Ears are offered in three sizes with a unique oval shape and short soft stem (great earplugs for side sleeping). Comfortable, reusable and extremely durable…Most use a single pair of Happy Ears for approximately one year. Start with one of our Discovery Packs and we guarantee you’ll sleep better too. For maximum sound reduction try our new Happy Ears Ocean Plastics, which have have a CE Certified sound reduction rating of 27 dB.
No hi-fi hype, if Happy Ears fit your ears there are no better earplugs for concerts. The reason is simple: Happy Ears have been CE/UKCA certified to reduce volume 25dB (Original & Recycled) or 27 dB (Ocean Plastics) with the most even attenuation of ANY non-custom made earplug. The more even the attenuation the more natural the sound that enters your ear. Knowing this why would you use any other earplugs for concerts?
Happy Ears – “The comfortable earplug for swimming”…High quality waterproof earplugs that fit right and are water tight. Extremely durable too – Made in Sweden. Want to prevent swimmer’s ear? You’ll need an earplug that fits. To ensure a comfortable water tight fit we’ve made Happy Ears in sizes small, medium and large. This is essential for swimmers as ears are complex and no earplug is a one size fits all. Whether if you’re an avid open water swimmer, everyday pool swimmer or the seasonal swimmer, grab a pack of Happy Ears. Size and fit is critical for swimmers, so be sure to start with one of our Discovery Packs, which offer you a money back guarantee.
Recognized by Nat Geo Travel in 2022 as being the “Best Earplugs for Travel”, Happy Ears are a must have accessory for every traveler. If the earplugs fit your ears they will seal to the base of your ear canal and alleviate air pressure when flying. Unlike traditional “airplane earplugs” Happy Ears give you the added benefit of a comfortable and discreet earplug to use when you arrive at your final destination. Perfect for sleeping in that noisy hotel, a long bus ride and/or for live events such as a concert or a Formula One race. Happy travels from Happy Ears!
Want to help your child concentrate? Grab them a package of Happy Ears. Simple to use and extremely durable, Happy Ears will enhance a student’s concentration. In regards to work, the workplace has changed. Offices today are focused on “shared” spaces or one’s office is now at home where there can be many distractions. Wherever you work, Happy Ears are a simple accessory to help you work more efficiently.
Happy Ears unique oval shape ensures comfort and effectiveness while the earplug’s short soft stem fits seamlessly under any helmet. The same principle that applies to live events is relevant to motorcycling…Happy Ears are CE and UKCA certified to offer the most even attenuation of any non-custom made earplug. For motorcyclists, this means background wind and engine noise is reduced, but you are still able to “hear the road”. Being that this is critical to safety why would you ride with any other earplug?

Free shipping from our Singapore hub.
We created our Recycled Discovery Pack to include a money back guarantee. This offering is simple – If the product does not fit or work for you, simply mail us at info@happyears.co (co not com) and we’ll refund your purchase. We do not offer partial refunds and this guarantee is only valid for one Discovery Pack per customer. Unlike our two other Discovery Packs, there is an $8SGD “processing” fee for each return of a Recycled Discovery Pack.