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Earplugs for Noise Sensitivity.

Searching for earplugs to help with noise sensitivity? No matter your personal sensitivity, or diagnosis, Happy Ears earplugs are excellent for everyday use for those with ADHD, autism and/or any sensory disorders or tinnitus.
Made in Sweden, since 2010, Happy Ears earplugs are comfortable, reusable and discreet. The earplugs also have a technical advantage – Happy Ears are CE Certified to offer the most even attenuation of any non-custom made earplug. Attenuation is the measurement of sound across frequencies and the more even the attenuation the more natural the sound that enters your ear. Turn down the volume, maintain the clarity to function and keep your ears happy.
If you are truly sensitive to noise, why would you choose any other earplug for daily use?
Start below with our Original Discovery Pack, which offers you a chance to try our small, medium and large earplugs at a discounted price with free shipping and a money back guarantee. Any issues with your purchase, just email us.

Ocean Plastics Discovery Pack

Happy Ears Discovery Pack Happyears