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From plastic earplugs in plastic packaging to earplugs made of recycled plastics in biodegradable and compostable paper packaging. This is our story…

  • Our Story

    Happy Ears exists because more than 1Bil single use earplugs are used and thrown away every year.


    Founded in 2010, Happy Ears was born from its founder's loss of hearing (in one ear) after a surfing accident in Bali and a subsequent ear infection. Fortunately his hearing returned, but for one year he was forced to wear a bright orange earplug in one ear and a blue one in the other. He grew to hate these earplugs and vowed to create something better. After two years of design and development, Happy Ears were launched into hundreds of retail pharmacies in Sweden.


    Since our launch, Happy Ears has been fortunate to be the official partner of SXSW, Lollapalooza, Reeperbahn, Red Bull and many more. Happy Ears has also been recognized by the likes of Wired, Forbes, Vogue Japan, Cool Hunting, The Times UK, Women's Health, The Strategist and more.


    After many years selling at some of the world's largest retailers (Boots UK, MoMA, Nordstoms, Loft Tokyo, Selfridges, Colette Paris, etc) Happy Ears are now sold exclusively online @Happyearsearplugs. This decision was necessary to transition the company as we launched our first eco-friendly earplugs in 2020. A product retailers simply were not ready for as they remain reliant on selling single use foam and wax earplugs.


  • Our Earplugs

    Since our inception in 2010 our focus has been to offer consumers a high quality reusable alternative to the "traditional" earplug.


    Offered in sizes small, medium and large, Happy Ears are offered with a unique oval shape and short soft stem. This design was made to replicate the inner ear canal to ensure comfort and effectiveness. Our earplugs, which are made in Sweden, are made of an FDA approved medical grade plastic ensuring the highest quality possible. When used daily most use a single pair of Happy Ears for approximately one year. When used only occasionally for concerts, swimming or cutting the lawn one pair will last many years.


    In 2020 Happy Ears broke away from its Original discrete earplug to launch Happy Ears Recycled, our first eco-friendly earplug. This earplug is made of 100% recycled plastics upcycled from our own production waste to further reduce Happy Ears environmental footprint. Yes, we make earplugs and they’re plastic, but our commitment to reduce industry waste stands in contradiction to an industry where more than 1Bil single use products are used and thrown away every year. When you know most use a single pair of Happy Ears (daily) for one year then you know if every earplug user simply made the change to Happy Ears, industry waste would be reduced by 90%+. Knowing this, we could have stopped with our Original and green-washed our way to success, but why accept any waste?


    In 2021 we launched Happy Ears OP, our newest eco-friendly earplug made of post consumer ocean plastics. Another industry first. Sourced from post consumer ocean plastics in the North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans, Happy Ears OP offer the exact same fit and functionality as our Original earplug.


    Bottom line is while every other reusable earplug company is focused on gimmicky filters, volume controls and bling, Happy Ears is focused on sustainability. No other earplug company is doing more to reduce waste within our industry and for this we're really proud.

  • Our Packaging

    Setting the standard for eco-friendly packaging in the earplug industry.


    Eco-friendly earplugs not enough? How about recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging? Happy Ears new eco-friendly packaging is made of paper and heat sealed with water based inks. Another first for the earplug industry.