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A New Earplug for Swimmers

Words: Michael B. Smith
Photography: Nils Sjoholm

The Happy Ears team, which is full of swimmers, knows there is a gap in the market between lower quality “made in China” products and a higher priced specialized earplug. Swimmers need better quality earplugs, earplugs with greater fit and function and they deserve these earplugs at a better price/value. We believe making this earplug of a more sustainable material is a necessity. For these reasons we launched Happy Ears Ocean Plastics – A new earplug for swimmers.

An earplug with fit and function guaranteed. Earplugs are not a one size fits all product. Ears are simply too complex. For this reason, Happy Ears are offered in three sizes to ensure a water tight fit. The unique oval head of Happy Ears are also unique. Ear canals are not round/circular. Try Happy Ears to find an earplug designed to better fit your inner ear canal.

Sound in, water out. It’s a headline you will see on many websites selling earplugs. We let the data speak for itself. Happy Ears earplugs are CE Certified with the most even attenuation of ANY non-custom made earplug. This means the sound that does enter your ear is the most natural possible. You’ll see this data printed on the back of every Happy Ears package. If you love your gear you’ll appreciate swimming with Happy Ears.

Reusable and long lasting. Happy Ears were designed in Sweden, but only Happy Ears are made in Sweden. No other earplug for swimmers offers such quality. Hang around our offices long enough and you’ll hear our CEO saying “durability enhances sustainability”. Creating a high quality reusable earplug is the reason Happy Ears exists. We want swimmers to know there is no earplug more durable than Happy Ears. To prove it, we offer a no time limit money back guarantee.

Sustainability – The earplug business is a dirty business. More than 1Bil single use earplugs are used and thrown away every year (along with the packaging). As with all waste, some of it ends up floating in our oceans. Making the first earplug of ocean plastics was a necessity for Happy Ears and our personal commitment to our customers who use Happy Ears earplugs when swimming.

There’s a new earplug for swimmers. A high quality earplug made in Sweden. An earplug offered in three sizes to ensure a water tight fit (we guarantee fit and function). An earplug technically superior to any non-custom made earplug with the highest rated attenuation. If quality, form, fit and function were not enough, then perhaps one that is also made of ocean plastics will convince you. Going swimming? Why would you not give Happy Ears a try?


Happy Ears AB