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Money back guarantee on "Discovery Pack" purchases!

Money back guarantee on "Discovery Pack" purchases!

Money back guarantee on "Discovery Pack" purchases!

Money back guarantee on "Discovery Pack" purchases!

About Happy Ears

Founded in 2010, knowing nothing was more boring or un-cool than earplugs, our founders designed and redesigned the “standard” earplug to create Happy Ears. Ultimately, Happy Ears was born from its founder’s near total loss of hearing (in one ear) after a surfing accident in Bali and a subsequent ear infection. Fortunately his hearing returned, but during his one year of recovery he was forced to wear a bright orange custom made earplug in one ear and a blue one in the other. He grew to hate these earplugs and vowed to create something better.

Despite one billion earplugs being sold every year, 95+% are still standard foam earplugs first designed in 1962! We knew we could design and create something better and we have. Happy Ears are high quality reusable earplugs made in Sweden. They’re offered in sizes small, medium and large to ensure comfort and effectiveness for all. Unlike many earplugs sold online, Happy Ears are CE certified (CE certification is a global government standard for quality). Happy Ears aren’t just reusable, but, because they were designed without any additional filters or mechanics, they’re extremely durable. Many of our customers report using one pair of Happy Ears, daily, for more than one year! Perhaps most importantly, Happy Ears reduce total volume by 25 dB with the most even attenuation of any non-custom made earplug. For this we’re really proud.

Today Happy Ears are sold at over 2,000 retail pharmacies and music stores in the EU, at Boots UK, Loft Japan and numerous other retail locations. We’ve enjoyed unique partnerships with the most iconic music festivals including SXSW, Lollapalooza, Reeperbahn and many more. To this day no other earplug has received as much praise as Happy Ears. We’ve been fortunate to be recognized by Forbes, Vogue, NY Mag, Women’s Health, Rev Magazine, The Times, DT, Cool Hunting, The Strategist and more.

Consumers worldwide spend money to protect their skin, hair and eyes. What we’ve proven with Happy Ears is that with a comfortable, reusable and discreet earplug, consumers are choosing to protect their ears. Often overlooked, hearing protection is critical to wellness, health and longevity. For this reason we believe Happy Ears are not just earplugs, but a “must have accessory” to better one’s overall wellness.

Original Discovery Pack$31.50

Happy Ears Discovery Pack Happyears

Interested in purchasing Happy Ears? Having sold more than one million packages of Happy Ears since 2010, we know earplugs are NOT a one size fits all product. We also know the size of one’s ear canal has nothing to do with height, weight or gender. This is why Happy Ears created its “Discovery Pack”. A starter kit for all first time users of our small, medium and large size Happy Ears.

An investment we know, but regular earplug users will save a lot of money long-term as daily users report using each pair of Happy Ears for many months!