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Best Swimming Pool Earplugs

Words: Jack Brady
Photography: Etienne Girardet & Joe Calata

We’ve tested swimming earplugs for the last couple of years and have dipped back into the market this summer to test new entrants. We used them during sessions in our local pool and swimming pond, concentrating on design, effectiveness and comfort. We’ve selected the best earplugs – so whether you’re a fair weather swimmer, a hardened triathlete or a regular pool goer, we can guarantee there’s a pair for you.

The best swimming earplugs for 2023 are:

Happy Ears @ Happyearsearplugs.com

It went down to the wire when deciding the best earplugs for 2023 – and it was all because of these eco-friendly pairs from Happy Ears. Made from ocean plastics, these not only perform well but they do their bit for the planet at the same time. These were our favorites for the pool, with their oval-shaped heads helping them sit nicely in the ear canal without letting in any water. They also reduce noise, without muffling the voices of those closest to you so you’ll still be able to hear instructions from the lifeguard. The discovery pack includes a small, medium and large size so you can find what is right for you. Plus, the packaging can be recycled and composted. What more could you want?


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